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I once lived in an area that was prevalent with an auto repair yard, shanties, a lot of lotto-game kiosks (you will understand if you are familiar with Lagos streets😄), people wandering about with cigarettes and green bottles in hand jeering as you pass by “fine sister how far now…” 

No judgements at all, I mind my business, so I expect everybody else doing same with theirs. Unfortunately, the irony of the world we live in; everybody wants to know what you are in to, especially when they think you are “so different”. Certainly there were prying eyes, and a whole lot more, but I thought as long as I wasn’t looking for anyone’s trouble, I was good.
Anyway, I got robbed at some point – a-midnight, at gun-point, break-in-kind of robbery. They made away with most valuable item we had, thank God for life, else I wouldn’t be here writing this. After the incident, my sister and I stood there in disarray wandering if what just happened was real; confusion, questions.. why us? We didn’t have much anyway, so why strip us off the little? One thing I know best to do when in a difficult or confusing state is to worship, so we did just that… We decided to channel all the anxiety, fear and questions to the one who understood it all – God.
Days, weeks, after the incident, I feared the streets, I dreaded my house and neighborhood… but where else would I go? (😔). We had to be more conservative in our movements, concealing a lot more; not going out if we didn’t need to, for fear of being noticed and probably attacked again. But no matter how much I tried to “hide”, I literally was walking by them everyday and looking them in the eyes, evidences were too good to be true. These guys weren’t far from us, they had known us too well.
I remembered that same night, as we stood there in confusion, my sister had made a comment “I hope they change their ways soon or they’ll be in trouble”. Dang. True. But how? That statement stood out for me. (🤔) How would they change their ways if they were not apprehended with better ways? How can they change their minds if God’s love is not preached to them? If they are not exposed to truth? (Romans 10:14). I thought about the times when I passed by these guys idling around, and I usually felt the urge and compassion to tell one or two of them about God’s love but I just didn’t. I always saw an unsatisfied need in them that only God could fill if only they knew him, but I didn’t bother introducing Jesus, because I was afraid. I considered times when we casually ignore these urges for whatsoever reason, but on the flip side what if we tried? I mean God put us here so we would be able to reach out and spread his love.

Well, this is the exact same reason I couldn’t seem to “hide” even while trying so hard; I became more noticed, known and sought after. 
Have you ever felt this way before in some places you are in? No matter how much you try to stay on the low, it just doesn’t work, you just keep getting noticed. It is for a reason. My pastor once said “the reason for fame is to make Jesus famous” – Pastor Idris Bello Osagie. So how much are you using your popularity or influence for the expansion of the kingdom? 

As light of the world, we are to illuminate the dark around us, exposing hidden things, re-directing the course of the blind, putting God’s glory on display, living generously instead of trying to conserve it.
If this speaks to you in some way in whatever sphere you are in, don’t try to dim your light by playing low. Stop trying to hide and just be light. God put you there so that he can spread his goodness through you for his glory.

Letter to My Future Self



Dear Future Self,

It has been a long time coming,

I see you have grown into the woman of your dreams – a loving, Godly woman who is passionate about people and living purposefully.

Like yesterday, I vividly remember the growing pains of your youth;

The struggles of insecurity, the need for perfection and acceptance, the loneliness, the secret sobs and quiet chants to God – I mean there were no friends who could possibly understand???

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Time and again
Especially at my lowest
I find myself needing you
Even more desperately
For a miracle, or an aversion
I remember the last time
We had an amazing time
You did me so much good
So it was easy to love up on you
Eventually my excitement wore off
And I began to focus on other things
Now It seemed like you left
Meanwhile, it was me who did
Problems of a living sacrifice
Always crawling off the alter
But you have been here all along
Waiting on my return
Sometimes we are just too quick to leave the place of our breakthrough. Rather than pack up and leave just after your miracle, stay. Yes, he knows you came around because issues were beyond you, you needed help, a change… And you got that, but don’t leave right after your testimony. God desires to have and keep a continuing and loving relationship with you
… Said the man after his heart;
“All that I’m asking God
Is to stay in his house
All the days of my life
Marveling at his beauty
Awed by his incomparable perfections
There I will be
For when trouble comes
He will hide me
Out of reach of all my enemies “
(Psalm 27:4)
So, Just stay;
Enjoy his company
Build a relationship
Feed from him
Grow in him
When tougher days come
You are stronger and resilient
To stand
“Please stay
Because I really want you to” – God

From My Heart to His

I don’t want to fall too far from you
That I would want meager things
When compared to that;
Which you have in store for me
As it beats in your heart,
Let it so beat in mine
So I learn your will everyday
That I may come in sync with your plans
When the world is fast paced
I resonate in step with you
This and everyday is my vow
That I won’t walk astray on my own

Breaking Free


Hello Fam, been a while yes?
Apologies. I got a whole lot to share, but putting up post has been a feat. I promise to change my ways and be frequent as much as possible.
Let’s talk about “breaking free”.
Ever had a weakness you really want to get over? You have made up your mind to quit it but time and again you find yourself indulging or not being able to say no when the temptation comes, so you indulge, then comes the feeling bad and self hatred. You want to be better but sometimes your defenses are down. You promise yourself it won’t happen again. You pray about it, asking God for help and pardon. And when it seems like you are making significant progress, it happens again, you are back to the starting point. It is certainly not one of the best feelings.
It happens to everyone. Happens to me. You know your weakness, I know mine.
Personally, I set a few measures for myself and it has helped me to curb this particular weakness and thought to share; Hope you find them helpful.
Decide that you want to be better
Ask God to help you stay on course
Stay away from places/people that would raise interest in things you’re trying to avoid
When you are in a position that requires you to compromise your decisions and godly standards, just know that God is not in it, no matter how good it looks. So it’s ok to give it up. Remember, “God’s blessings brings wealth, without painful toil for it” (Proverbs 10:22 NIV)
Mark your progress and keep at it. Eventually you will be stronger and more resilient.
Paradventure you slip back, dont stay slipped. Get up, forgive yourself and keep moving.
You can keep an accountability partner (if you need to, that helps too)
Viola! You did it
Have you had your own “breaking free measures?” Kindly share in the comments how you did it, you might encourage someone as well. Until another post, thank you for reading, always looking forward to hearing from you. God bless.
Love Always,


Graced for a Purpose

It’s time to stop praying and start acting. -by

Mark Batterson from Draw Circle
Stop praying and start acting

“Well done, good and faithful servant!” — Matthew 25:23

One of the defining moments in my prayer life happened a decade ago. I was in a small group with a friend who worked for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Georgetown University. Jeremy was working on a shoestring budget, and their campus ministry needed a computer. He shared the request at the end of our meeting, and I agreed to pray for it, but when I started praying for it, I felt that the Lord wanted me to stop praying. It was like the Holy Spirit said, “Why are you asking Me? You’re the one with the extra computer!” I quit praying in mid-sentence. I told Jeremy we didn’t need to pray about it because I had an extra computer he could have.

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“I’m Just Tired Please…”

We have dreams, visions, the big picture of something we want to accomplish. 

For someone like me, I want it to appear right now. The anxiety of the dream brings some kind of eagerness to see it manifest already. Sometimes we get so worked up about our goals and dreams, becoming discouraged when resources are not adding up. Gradually, you may begin to second-guess the dream/idea and think maybe God is not in it.

It is usually easy to get discouraged, easy to give up, easy to get tired and lethargic when something is not working. 

Something God is saying to me, which of course relates to all who have a dream or idea to execute but tiredness wants to make you quit; “Wait on it. I can actually snap my fingers and all the ideas I put in your mind will appear before your eyes – all done! But that’s not my point. I want to grow you in the process of accomplishing that dream, I want you to stay consistent with the little efforts everyday, I want you to gain expert experience with these little tasks, I want to sharpen you up on those skills and polish it good that they become your second nature… just stay on it. One day, all these little efforts will add up and turn into even more than you imagined or dreamed. Then you will not even consider the nights of toil because it will be so worth it”.

Don’t get discouraged. Stay on it. Don’t give in to tiredness. No matter how long it will take, for an idea that God gave you, He will surely bring it through. Just partner with him in the works. God’s Grace bring us all through – Amen.

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out” – Robert Collier. 

The Prayer, the Promise and Behind the Scenes

I remember back then, as a kid in primary school, I always wanted to be top of the class. There was a beautiful feeling that came with it. Your folks would be always happy with you, get you some gifts to appreciate your good work and studies, teachers would be proud of you, your mates enviable of you because you immediately become their role model. They want to learn from you…

Taking first position in class was my thing, not because I was a smart kid whatsoever. I was just as average. Actually thinking again, I was smart; not book-smart but God-smart.

I remember my cousin telling me a conversation she had with God. She told God that if he would fulfill a particular need for her, she promised not only thank him, but make a testimony of it to tell people how God listens and wants to help us conquer our needs, no matter how little or stupid it may sound. I thought wow, maybe I could try this out. Way before then, I didn’t quite like where I was on the grading scale. In fact I was one of those kids who just pass exams. Nothing exceptional. But I wanted differently. And this “promise” thing with God sounded so good I thought to give it a try, if not for anything but to see if God really works. LOL. Pardon my naivety back then.

So I actually had this conversation with God; “God I’m here to try this out. If you did this thing for my cousin, you can make me first position in my class this term. In return, I’ll give you a testimony that it wasn’t my effort, but that you did it. I look forward to celebrating this. Thank you”. That was that. But one thing, as a kid I knew the gravity of a promise. If you promised one something, you had better kept it, else face whatever resulting action – could be losing trust or a good friendship. Then how much more when you promise God something? You don’t dare mess with that. I knew God as the big man up there, very straight, doesn’t have time for games, so of course he was going to keep to his end of this deal. I had to brace myself to keep to my side of the deal when the time comes. Short and simple.

End of the term came, I emerged top of the class. It was my proudest moment then, my parents were so proud of me. My dad particularly got me gifts and often talked about it. I felt like I had won his heart. It was an amazing feeling. So I continued with this term after term, class after class until I was done with primary school. I never fell below the first three positions.

Now, as I recalled this to memory, it wasn’t just a magical thing of give-and-take or promise-and-fulfill between me and God. It may have seemed so, but actually it wasn’t that. As I made that promise to God, with the knowledge that he would definitely keep to his side, it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t try to do things differently. I just couldn’t be the same kid who went to school just to play and eat snacks, not do home work nor study for tests and then expect the best result. I had to come in to the attitude of the best student. I knew what I wanted and I had to let myself conform to it. I started taking my lessons seriously, asking questions where I didn’t follow, dedicated time to studying my books, was prompt about completing my assignments, and I took corrections where I didn’t get it right. I just flowed in the direction of my desire with God’s help and so it happened. My actions made my new position/grade credible, if not it would have been questionable.

This really stands out for me now I’m grown. They are things I am trusting God for of which I know are already done but the problem is that my attitude isn’t aligned to my desire. Looking at the lives of people close to me, listening to the things they pray constantly for makes God sound like a lie; as if he doesn’t care enough or that he is deaf to our pleas. No He isn’t. Matter of fact your future prayers and requests are already done because he is not conformed to time. He knows the end from the beginning and had mapped out the course of your entire life before it even started(Jeremiah 1:5). It is you who lives in time that waits for each day to unfold even as you are expectant. So as much as you have expectations and desires that you have channeled to him in prayers, live in the light of it already. Adjust your attitude, belief system, actions and lifestyle in that direction. You can’t just be sitting there and expect that the miracle will fall on your lap. If so, how then does it make you a better person? How do you account for it? How would you really appreciate it? You would definitely misuse it. “For a miracle to happen there has to be a working” – Godman Akinlabi. You have to prompt
God with something to work with.

At this time of the year, with your new year resolutions and the things you are trusting God for – maybe to buy a new house/car, start a new business, or to make progress with your career, or get married, or to get into your calling/purpose, whatsoever it is, God has heard you and as far as he is concerned they’re already settled! You just flow in the direction of your prayers – that’s faith and faith accelerates. Faith is what pleases God (Hebrews 11:6). If you need to dedicate yourself to a proper savings plan to buy that property, do it well. If you need to learn a new skill to gain an edge in your career pursuit, go for it. Become and reflect the qualities you desire in a suitable partner as you look forward to finding one.
Make findings about that business line, before you plunge into it. Listen to and act in the Holy Spirit’s promptings everyday and before you know it, you will come in line with your purpose/calling. As you wait for the manifestation of your prayers, you can also pre-empt it with positive actions; A build up of positive actions make you a better person and they also properly position you to take on your miracle.

I pray that as you have laid your expectations before the Lord this season, suitable opportunities will meet your preparations to birth that miracle in Jesus’ Name – Amen!

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